Positive Response to Aperture 3.02

The latest rather large update to Aperture released last week has seen some positive responses amongst various bloggers and photographers. Scott Bourne of Photo Focus writes:

"The changes were successful and impact the big problem areas. The program is now much more stable. Gone are the intermittent crashes and freezes I experienced with the 3.0 update. Libraries import more smoothly. Issues like improper scrolling behavior were fixed. Best of all, the program now delivers some of the previously-promised speed increases that I never experienced before the 3.0.2 update."

He had previously been harsh in his criticism of the software's bugginess.

Another report from Photographer Konrad Dwojak claims that the 3.02 update finally makes Aperture 3 useable. He writes:

"Although, this update number looks insignificant, it includes many crucial updates and fixes (at least for the most part) what was bothering me the most: extremely low performance of Aperture 3. "

I was lucky enough not to have many of the performance problems people have complained about so I haven't noticed any major difference with the new version, although I haven't given it enough time yet. Still, it's glad to see that Apple have put the majority of issues with Aperture behind them.

As I've mentioned before, if you do find bugs with Aperture don't just complain about it on twitter, let others the developers know by sending a bug report. Apple does read them.