Aperture Around The Web: Links For Dec 6th

Here's a quick round up of Aperture related links that I've come across over the last little while that you might find of interest. If you come across anything interesting Aperture related please let me know so I can pass it on to your fellow readers. The venerable Flickr Export plug in from Conected flow has been upgraded to version 4. I'll do a proper review of this in the future but for now check out the list of what's new.

Gordon's Tech has an interesting article on importing iPhoto events into Aperture and what happens with event descriptions

DUAL(ITÉ) talks about the Border Effects plug in and how useful it is (I agree completely)

Thomas Boyd discusses the steps he goes through to keep his images up-to-date between his laptop and his desktop

I came across this interesting blog which has some good Aperture related articles and some Aperture ebooks for sale.