Using the Keyword Control Buttons In Aperture

Following on from my post the other day about sorting through my Library, I was going through the process of keywording and I realized that people may not know about the keywords control bar, because it's off by default. There's lots of different ways to add keywords in Aperture, but the way I prefer is via the keywords control bar, which gives you a nice set of buttons you can assign so that you can quickly add keywords with the click of a mouse, without having to type them in every time. What's great about it too is that you can create multiple button "sets" which is very handy if you are working on a specific project or have specific themes in your photography. As with many things in Aperture there are lots of different ways to do something, and this is just one way. I was going to do a whole long winded tutorial with screen shots and step by step instructions, then I figured I'd just do a quick screencast instead! I hope this helps! (Oh, and please forgive the audio quality - I was using the internal microphone on my iMac and there was a gale force wind blowing outside!)

Aperture Keyword Controls from Thomas Fitzgerald on Vimeo.