Locating your referenced files in Aperture

A reader emailed me last week with a really interesting question. They were looking to know if there was a way to see where your referenced files were located as they had accidentally moved some files and were trying to find where they are located. Now, the obvious answer to this is to right click on an image and choose “show in finder” to reveal the files location in the finder. This is fine if you’re only trying to see the location of a few files, but what if you wanted to see the location of all the referenced files in a project for example. Luckily there’s an easy way to do this.


Firstly, select all the files whose referenced masters you want to locate.

Then, from the file menu choose: “Locate Referenced Files”. This will open up a dialog box that allows you to see where your image files are currently stored.


This is normally used to find missing masters, but it can also be useful to see where your images are currently stored as it gives you a nice long list that you can scroll through, showing you the image files paths. If anything is not where it should be you can see it at a glance.


Thanks to Matthias for sending in the question.

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